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5 Plants Perfect for Beginners

5 Indoor Plants Perfect for Beginners Repost from https://connieandluna.com/2017/03/indoor-plant-guide-beginner-plants-cant-kill/ So as you might know, I’m a major plant addict. I’ve loved plants, gardening and everything

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10 Best Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Repost from https://todayscreativelife.com/10-plants-to-keep-mosquitos-away/ As much as we love summer, it does have annoying mosquitos. I am sharing 10 Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away! Help repel mosquitos

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5 Ways Indoor Plants Help Fight Sadness

Repost from https://gardeningsoul.com/these-5-indoor-plants-fight-sadness-and-are-proven-to-make-you-happier/ We all love the aesthetic of foliage inside our homes, but what if the very plants you loved looking at, improved your

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