Increase Your Office Productivity with Plants!

Don’t underestimate how much your surroundings can influence your productivity. One study by Herman Miller found that workplace design had “a small but consistent and real influence” on workers’ performance–increasing productivity as much as 16% and job satisfaction by 9%. Consider your desk setup across the five features below to get more work done during the day with less effort.

Can plants help you do your work? It might sound silly, but, yes, a plant or two in your office could improve your productivity and happiness. Scientists had found that indoor plants prevent fatigue during attention-demanding work. Even just having a window view of live greenery can be restorative and keep us focused. If you can’t see a plant from your desk, you might be missing out on a 15 percent productivity boost, according to psychologists at Exeter University.

So nature is good for you, but what if you’re not good at caring for plants? Don’t worry; I’m in the same boat! Simply consult with an Indoor Plant Hire Specialist in the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast (Including Brisbane and Ipswich) – depending on location if you are South East Brisbane that is and get all the hard work done for you! An Indoor Plant Hire Specialist will come out to our office and show you the best plant for your work space. The best part is, they do all the work! Yep, they come and water, maintain and even change your plants as needed, all for a small monthly rental fee!

Like many other plants, peace lilies are also great for cleaning the air, according to NASA, so you can work in a fresh environment and get that productivity boost at the same time. Cacti and aloe plants are other low-maintenance plants to consider. If you have a green thumb, though, any plant will do to improve your workspace.

For more than thirty years, SUNNYDALE Plantsforhire has served as the leading indoor plant hire on the Gold Coast. Our dedicated team caters to all needs, choosing options that reflect each client’s environment, schedule, and budget. They combine this with exceptional service, maintaining each plant with the utmost care.

Considering an Indoor Plant Hire on the Sunshine Coast? Contact us! We offer permanent and casual packages for every office.

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, plants have a definitive impact on attention, with both flowering and foliage options positively influencing dual processing functions, cognitive capacities, and central executive functions. Overall awareness and multi-tasking abilities increase.

A study launched by the Association for Psychological Science explains the correlation between moods and nature, with plants found to stimulate voluntary (or directed) attention and decrease overall aggression and fatigue.

Every indoor plant hire on the Gold Coast and indoor plant hire on the Sunshine Coast recognises the impact of nature in offices. By fusing every corner with a bit of greenery, individuals suddenly find their thoughts soothed and their spirits lifted – and this translates to stronger quarters.

As the leading indoor plant hires in Brisbane, Ipswich, and beyond, SUNNYDALE Plantsforhire delivers custom services for every client:

  • Plant Selection.
  • Plant Installation.
  • Plant Styling.
  • Plant Maintenance (Including watering, dusting, and polishing).

As the leading indoor plant hires in Brisbane, Ipswich, and beyond, SUNNYDALE Plantsforhire delivers custom services for every client:

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