Even Taylor Swift Hires Indoor Plants!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Hires Indoor Plants for her dressing room at her Brisbane Concert

Taylor Swifts latest concert in Brisbane was hallmarked by the gorgeous array of Indoor Plants she hired for her dressing room. These plants were sure to have helped her with her vocal warm up and ultimately perform one of her best concerts ever on the Brisbane stage.

Having the Indoor Plants in her dressing room helped improve air quality and provide a calming environment which is essential when you’re about to step on stage in front of thousands of people.

By removing harmful chemicals and toxins from the air, indoor plants act as a natural air purifier and therefore provide more oxygen in an enclosed area, such as a dressing room.

The ease and accessibility of being able to book your Indoor or Outdoor Plant Hire online or via the phone means no more big trips to Bunnings or the local nursery to find your plants, lug them back to your space, find suitable pots, make sure they look presentable, then keep them alive! Once you book online, one of our experienced plant technicians will give you a call at a time suitable to you, finalise your booking then do all the work from there!

You can book your next Indoor Plant Hire here or have a look through our gallery to see what look you would like to create here

After all if Taylor Swift does it, shouldn’t you?!

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